Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boots Review

Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boots Review

Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boots Review

The best all-purpose hiking boots I have bought are the Ahnu Sugarpine boots? I love, love, love, them and consider them a must have! Yes, they are a hiking boot. However, after tons of research online I more bought them for just a sturdy, comfortable, lightweight walking shoe.

These are super cute hiking boots. The colors I love, and they go really well with all kinds of outfits. I have worn them with skinny jeans, leggings, boot cut jeans, shorts, you name. I originally bought them in deep teal and loved them so much I also purchased a pair in honey. They don’t look like you should only wear them for a long mountain hikes.  They are stylish enough that you feel comfortable wearing them out and about in the city while sightseeing or hanging out. I bought them at Nordstrom and Amazon where they both retail for $139.95. Besides how great they look there are two things that really stand out for me about these boots.

First, there is almost no break in time. Right out of the box you can put these hiking boots on and go! I loved that about them!  I hate breaking in shoes and I am sure my feet do too.  With the Sugarpines you don’t even have to go through that pain and hassle. I normally wear a size 7 and found them true to size although I will say they are snug. Not snug to the point where they are uncomfortable but they fit, in my opinion, how a hiking boot should fit so that your foot does not slide around in it. I would say, however, that if you are unsure or between sizes then go a half-size up. For me, I bought a 7 and they fit perfectly.

Second, these Ahnu boots are SO lightweight. I honestly could not believe how light these boots where, astonishingly light.  I love this because it is great for your legs and feet when you are walking around all day. Also, I love them because they are SO packable. Because of the weight restrictions for carry-on and checked luggage on most international flights I am always really selective about what I do and do not take with me. Usually, if I am taking a pair of boots, I wear them on the plane.  Simply because the boots end up taking a significant amount of space in my luggage and a chunk of my weight allowance but not these Ahnu boots!! I packed these in my checked luggage.  They fit so perfectly without adding much weight at all.

They are also waterproof and so easy to clean, self-cleaning really. Almost every single review on-line about these boots is positive and for good reason.  The only negative comment I have read is people claiming that they are not waterproof when Ahnu advertises them as a waterproof boot, but I can assure they are. I have stood in water to test them out and nothing came through. Of course, if you are playing around in water or snow that is coming in over the top of your boot of it stands to reason that your feet will get wet, these are not knee-high wellies but they are waterproof boots.

In fact, I love that they are waterproof because, besides the obvious of being able to splash in puddles, it also makes them amazingly easy to clean. I have gotten them muddy beyond belief.  All I had to do was either rinse them off with a hose or stand in a pool of water.  The mud and dirt slide right off making them look practically brand new again. I never have to worry about ruining.

Bottom Line -Ahnu Sugarpine Hiking Boots:

Love them! I am so happy I purchased them. If you are looking for a great, stylish, comfortable, lightweight, versatile boot that is sturdy enough for hiking yet stylish enough for the city, these are it!

Update 05/28/2017: It seems that Ahnu is not manufacturing the Sugar Pine at this moment BUT you can still find them on websites like 6pm and on here on Amazon .<s/pan>




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  • Chris Fritz says:

    I LOVE these boots too and agree to everything you said. You basically don’t feel them on your feet at all and they’re perfect for actual hiking as well as walking through a city all day long, go shopping,sightseeing etc. And I love all the colours they come in, too 🙂

  • passportperfection@yahoo.com says:

    Thank you for your comment 🙂 I know these boots are the best. I am always tempted to get them in another color.

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