A&O Köln Dom Hostel Review

A&O Köln Dom Hostel Review

A&O Köln Dom Hostel Review

A&O Köln Dom Review


The A&O Köln Dom Hostel is a great value in a prime location.  Cologne, or Köln as it is spelled in Germany, is such a fantastic city but prices for hotel rooms can be a little spendy.  My friend and I were visiting Köln for a German National Team Soccer game and wanted an affordable, centrally located, place to stay for two nights.

Usually, I avoid hostels unless there is no other option.  Not that there is anything wrong with hostels.  They are an insanely affordable option, especially when solo traveling, but I tend to like more amenities, privacy, and more space than most hostels offer.

So for the positives, you really cannot beat the location.  The A&O Köln Dom is literally a block from the main train station which makes it super convenient for anyone arriving by train. 

Pretty much everything you would want to see in a quick visit to Cologne is within walking distance.  The Cologne Cathedral (gorgeous!), the Roman-Germanic Museum, Museum Ludwig, Hohe Street (shopping), all of these are a 10-minute walk or less.  Really the location could not be more ideal.

Another plus is the price.  We stayed in a double room for two nights for about $150, which for the time were visiting, was a steal compared to most other places that were super expensive or completely sold out.

Also, it was quiet and there was much more privacy than I would have expected for a hostel.  Normally you have the typical people coming and going at all hours, people slamming doors, paper-thin walls, etc.  Maybe there was not a high occupancy, but overall noise from other guests didn’t bother me and I am a super light sleeper.

We opted not to indulge in the hostel breakfast, which was $8.00 per person.  Instead, there are lots of places around to eat or find something to snack on.  There is a Kamps Bäckerei a half block down the road towards the Hauptbahnhof.  It serves coffee and assorted baked goods.  If all else fails you can also make your way to the Hauptbahnhof which has all kinds of food options.

Now for the cons.  I think overall you just have to know what you are getting into.  You are staying in a hostel, it is what it is.  So knowing that I would say it was a positive experience.

Even though it was a double room it was tiny, and I mean tiny.  By comparison, it was slightly smaller than an Ibis budget room.  If you have loads of luggage you might have a hard time trying to find a place for it. 

Also, if you opt to stay in a double room, make sure you are really comfortable with the person you are sharing the room with.  The room is so small there isn’t much privacy.  It could make for an awkward situation when you realize the bathroom is too small to get dressed in.  While it was small it was adequate.  However, I wouldn’t have wanted to stay more than two nights there.

A&O Köln Dom Hostel Review


Another con is there is no parking.  If you are coming to Köln by car this would not be an option for you.  Although I suppose, if you were really up to it, you could park in a parking lot or at the Hauptbahnhof and walk to the A&O.  Not sure how cost-effective that would be?

Bottom Line: The A&O Köln Dom is a fair option for budget travelers looking for accommodation in the heart of Cologne as long as you don’t mind small rooms and you don’t need parking.


Check here for the more information and current rates.


*A note about Cologne’s main train station.  Even if you are just passing thru and have a quick minute before catching your connection, make sure you step outside to the magnificent view.  The Cologne Hauptbahnhof literally faces the Cologne Cathedral which is a must see. It is breathtaking to walk out of the train station to see the cathedral in all its glory.


Cologne Cathedral A&O Köln Dom Hostel Review


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