Apartment Centrum Garbary Poznan

Apartment Centrum Garbary Poznan

Apartment Centrum Garbary Poznan

Apartment Centrum HGa – Garbary
Garbary 49/5, Stare Miasto District, 61-869 Poznań, Poland

This apartment in Poznan was the first stop on my 2 week epic Poland adventure and possibly ruined the entire Poland adventure going forward because it was SO fantastic. Seriously staying here set the bar really high for every other place I stopped.  I searched Booking.com for a place to stay in Poznan and went back and forth between a more traditional hotel or this apartment and I am so glad that I took a chance on the Apartment Garbary Centrum.

I took a taxi from the train station to the apartments for 60 zloty (more on this later).  The driver had no problem finding it. The gentlemen who runs the apartment had emailed me in advance asking what time I would arrive. We agreed to meet at the apartment at 2pm.

The one and only criticism I could even think of is about check-in. When you arrive at the address it is really unclear if you are in the right place or what you should do. I literally just hung out where the taxi had dropped me off putting faith in the driver that he had delivered me to the right place. Sure enough at 2pm a nice gentlemen approached asking if I was there for the apartment. He let us into the apartment, showed my friend and I around, and said that if we needed anything we could call or email him. To make the check in less confusing I think it should be known that you literally just have to wait on the side-walk for someone to arrive and let you into the complex. Also, there is no signage saying anything about Apartment Centrum Garbary. This is the only criticism I have of the entire experience.

The apartment itself is a cute, modern studio apartment that is well furnished and relaxing. It has a wonderful balcony that overlooks the street below which I used for fresh air and to hang a laundry line :). The bathroom is clean and modern and furnished with amenities like soap and a blow dryer. The apartment is self-catering and has all the utensils if you want to make yourself a meal.

However, what I really want to rave about is the bed. OMG it is SO comfortable. It is so comfortable that once I laid down it was hard to even want to get out of it to go get something to eat and explore Poznan. Ok, maybe I am slightly biased because I had a long night in Berlin the night before, but even so it is amazingly comfortable.  I wish I could have had a bed like this every time I book a place. The fantastic bed and the blackout blinds helped me get a fantastic night of sleep.

There is a large flat screen TV with movies, apps, and internet access and the apartment has free WI-fi. If you were driving to the apartment I’m not sure where you would park. I got the distinct impression that there was only on street parking which was very congested. This wasn’t an issue for us since we had arrived via train. However, if you are driving check with the landlord in advance.

Apartment Centrum Garbary Poznan, Poland
Of course we had to watch Biffy Clyro!


This apartment is fantastic, clean, modern, and so comfortable. Apartment Centrum Garbary is also centrally located and there is a small convenience store a block away. I highly recommend staying here. In fact, if/when I visit Poznan again I don’t even think I would considering staying anywhere else.

Bottom Line: Book this apartment if available!! You won’t be disappointed. If you need a taxi have the landlord call one for you as it will be cheaper ordered from a native Polish person. The taxi ride to the apartment from the the train station was 60 zloty; going back we had the landlord call us a taxi and it was 16 zloty.


**All Opinions Are My Own. I was not sponsored or compensated in any way for this review. **



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