The Desire Map – Shout-Out Saturday

The Desire Map – Shout-Out Saturday

The Desire Map – Shout-Out Saturday

The Desire Map is a book/workbook series by Danielle Laporte also the  author of “The Fire Starter Sessions.

I came across The Desire Map randomly by chance on another travel bloggers website. Unfortunately,  I can’t even remember who or else I would give that blogger a shout-out too. I was so struck by the idea and, to be honest, Danielle Leporte’s website and marketing is great! So I bought it.

What is The Desire Map you ask? Well, essentially it is a guide to helping you manifest things in your life based on how you really want to feel. I know it sounds a little out there, but you have to check it out. Also, I know I am not doing it justice trying to describe it.

Basically, it is a book and workbook that helps you identify your “core desired feelings” through various journaling and free association exercises. Once you have identified your “core desired feelings” you use those as a guide for manifestation. It is a bit like making a vision board or to do list but in a way that makes more sense and helps you identify what truly, at your core, makes you happy and how to go about achieving what it is your soul is seeking.

Desire Map






















Besides The Desire Map Danielle LaPorte’s website has all kinds of other cool and gorgeous items including temporary tattoos, beautiful yearly planners, candles, and more.


The Desire Map Candle






















Please check it out and see for yourself. I am saving my workbook for when I have a quiet moment over the Christmas break to really zen out and focus. Once I have my “core desired feelings” identified I will share them with you all!

P.S- I just received my The Desire Map 2017 Weekly Planner and it is gorgeous! I have never been so excited to plan my year out before!


Desire Map Planner























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