Partner With Passport Perfection

Partner With Passport Perfection

Partner With Passport Perfection

Let’s work together! Partner with Passport Perfection. We have a growing audience and strong social media presence. I love meeting new people and am always eager to start new projects.



Passport Perfection is open, but not limited to, working with lifestyle/travel brands on:




Press Trips

Hotel Reviews

Restaurant Reviews

Product Reviews

Social Media Take Overs

Brand Ambassadorship

Social Skylight


What is Social Skylight?

Social Skylight is a specialist team of social media gurus, offering social media and website consultancy services.  Think you might need our help?  We have a range of services as well as monthly packages to suit different business types and sizes.  Contact me for more information.




For proposals, media kit, Social Skylight inquiries, or general questions please contact me at








Passport Perfection Media Kit

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