Bye, Bye 2016 – Hello 2017! Year End Review

Bye, Bye 2016 – Hello 2017! Year End Review

Bye, Bye 2016 – Hello 2017! Year End Review

With 2016 now over and 2017 is here I think it is a good time for all of us to reflect on the year past and to set goals and intentions for the new year ahead.

For me, 2016 was great. I started this blog, took some amazing trips, completed my first sponsored stays, and learn a lot about blogging and social media.

The idea for Passport Perfection was first conceived a few years ago, but I did not actually start working on it until April 2016; gees it hasn’t even had its 1 year anniversary yet. While it has been such a learning experience I don’t think I ever imagined just how much work goes into running a blog. That, with my full-time job, makes it hard to constantly be cranking out content but that is something I hope to focus on more in 2017!

I wasn’t able to travel as much as I had liked in 2016 but I did get to take a great euro trip. I even added to more countries to my list, Finland, and Sweden. I fell in love with Helsinki and am already planning to go back to explore more, preferably not in the winter.


Stockholm Sweden Passport Perfection


I was also SO fortunate to get to stay at some wonderful properties along the way and really get my feet wet with sponsored stays. Luckily for me, the places I stayed in were all fabulous, except the one incident with suspected bed bugs in Amsterdam (more to come on that later).

The travel agenda for 2017 is going to be a little crazy considering I am moving to Germany in July. There is so much to plan and account for before the move. However, it will be a good experience AND one I think readers will appreciate. I will totally, at some point, be blogging more about the ins and outs of moving to Germany from the US. Seriously I wish there were more resources on-line about it now. Although I have run across a few great blog articles about it, like from “Oh God, My Wife Is German”.

The exciting thing about finally being based permanently in Germany is the ability to travel MUCH more often AND cheaper. Nothing beats a $50 flight to Helsinki vs. a $1400 flight.

Plus, I am really excited about a new blog I am creating called Hessen Happenings which will be an English guide to all things Hessen Germany!! Hessen is the federal state in Germany I will be living in and there is so much to see and do there. It will be a big undertaking but I am seriously excited. Want to help me get started? Follow @hessenhappenings on Instagram and stay tuned!

Besides destinations in Germany 2017 will see Passport Perfection going to London (Yipeee!!! I haven’t been there since I was 17) and a few other European countries. To be announced. 🙂

Besides working on creating more, consistent content this year I also want to work on my photography skills. Taking great photos is so key for social media and just for blogging in general so I hope to take some courses on it and maybe upgrade my photography gear.


Amsterdam Passport Perfection




Another thing I am doing this year is planning, planning, planning. Ok, so for those who don’t me I am a serious planner, there isn’t much spontaneity when I am involved. BUT now I have invested in some serious planning gear and I discovered washi tape. For those of you that don’t know what washi tape is its pretty much Japanese masking tape. However it is made out of rice paper, comes in all kinds of seriously freaking gorgeous colors and patterns, and is totally unnecessary but necessary if you know what I mean.

Also, I have discovered a whole niche on Instagram I didn’t know existed and that is the people who are obsessed with creating their own planners. Seriously, do a search for it and you will see. So now count me into that list too. I can only aspire to have such creative planner ideas as the beautiful ones on Instagram.

On the personal side, I have many goals for 2017. Eat healthier, run a 5k, worry less, do more yoga, prioritize self-care, etc., etc. I will let you know in about 12 months how that all turns out.


SHeila Passport Perfection



What are your 2017 blogging, travel, or personal goals?? Let me know if the comments below. Here is to wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous new year.

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