Shout-Out Saturday – Girl Tweets World

Shout-Out Saturday – Girl Tweets World

Shout-Out Saturday – Girl Tweets World

Today’s shout-out Saturday leaves me feeling a bit stalkerish. Mainly because I am sure this person has no idea I exist but I stalk their blog constantly because it is amazing.

Check out the inspiring travel blog Girl Tweets World.

Not only do I love the layout of this blog but there are so many helpful articles not only on travel but also on blogging. Creator Jayne Gorman does a fantastic job of incorporation a little fashion, a little blogging knowledge, a little food, and a lot of travel very nicely into her blog.

One of the things that first attracted me to Girl Tweets World was the really helpful and interesting articles on blogging, and travel blogging in particular. If you are a new travel blogger like I am these are well worth a read.  There is lots of good information about how to properly and most effectively use social media to market your blog which I found insanely helpful.

If you are a photography person there are tons of great photos. The blog is just so darn pretty!

So Jayne, if you happen to read this shout-out,  I LOVE YOUR BLOG!


Crazy Blog Stalker 🙂

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