Siddiqi Pension Munich – Hotel Review

Siddiqi Pension Munich – Hotel Review

Siddiqi Pension Munich – Hotel Review

Siddiqi Pension Munich Auf den Schrederwiesen 27, Feldmoching – Hasenbergl, 80995 Munich, Germany

I needed a cheap place to stay in Munich for a concert I was attending with a few other ladies (ok maybe you can see where this review is going already) and I came across the Siddiqi Pension Munich online. It was cheap, looked decent, and didn’t seem too far from the venue we would be going to.


This Pension/hostel’s in northwest Munich. The area around the pension is a mixed residential and business. There is a  small shopping center, banks, and many eateries not too far. There is a small parking lot on the side and back side of the pension.  Although we arrived early in the evening there was no space available.  Thankfully we found a spot on the curb right across the street from Siddiqi Pension.


The outside of the place looks nice enough. You see the reception desk immediately when you walk in and the first thing I noticed is that the inside feels like a very large house and not a hotel. Our arrival was slightly awkward as the entire reception common area had several younger men all sitting on the couches talking and watching videos on their laptop. We quickly realized the receptionist was actually one of the men.  The other young men with him were more of his personal friends than actual guests. The check-in was relatively quick and painless and we were off to our room.


So our room. Well, ok this pension was cheap, 45 euros a night.  We had booked the Category 2 double bedroom, and we got what we paid for. Our room was on the first floor just a ways from the reception down a short hall. The room was tiny even by European standards! So small that there was barely any room between the two twin beds.  We had to be creative to find a place to put our luggage so that it wasn’t on top of our beds but out-of-the-way for us to actually walk. I wouldn’t describe the accommodations as sparkling clean or grossly dirty but maybe worn. The carpet had some staining.  The room had an overall dated feel to it.  However, nothing that turned me off in any particular way.


Walking into our bathroom we immediately noticed that we had a leak in the pipe that ran to the sink and water was slowly dripping out on the floor. We put the trashcan underneath the pipe and promptly informed the reception who said that they would send someone to fix it. We were actually heading out the Munich Weihnachtsmarkt (which was fabulous btw) and only stayed a short time in our room before leaving. The front desk gentleman said he would have someone come in and fix it while we were away.  They did.  When we returned to our room a few hours later the leak had been fixed and the trashcan was back in its proper place along with a new bag.


We needed to do a bit of laundry so we headed off in the direction the signs told us the laundry room was. That was an adventure, to say the least. This place is deceptively larger than it looks from the outside. With a whole separate area of rooms in the back up the stairs.

Essentially, to get to the laundry room, you had to go up the stairs, wind your way through several hallways, down some stairs and into a basement which housed the laundry room. We got lost a few times. Seriously the layout of the place reminded me of the House of Mystery in San Jose, California with hallways that seemingly led nowhere. The laundry room was large with several washers and dryers but there were tons of clothes lying around drying, pairs of shoes, etc. and I got the distinct feeling that there were people who actually lived here full-time, or maybe stayed a very long time, in this pension.

Also, again, it was way in the back of the pension practically in the basement far removed from anyone or anywhere else and I would have felt uneasy if I was in there alone. Thankfully I was with someone else and we didn’t encounter anyone down there. Also, some of the rooms have small kitchens in them.  On our way to the laundry room, you could really smell different dinners being cooked. Although, this wasn’t something we could smell in the front of the pension in the room we were staying.  If you are sensitive to smell I would ask for a room in the front away from the self-catering rooms.


Siddiqi Pension Munich does offer a breakfast buffet for 7 euros but I didn’t choose to try it. The breakfast area is on the main floor just beyond the common area.  It had a sort of Italian villa theme to it.


Overall, I would say you get what you pay for. If you are looking for a cheap place to stay around Munich for a night or two, then this might be an option for you. However, keep in mind that it is outside of the city center. You will have to drive or take public transit into Munich. In order to reach the pension by public transit from the main train station in Munich, you have to take the S-Bahn and then transfer to a bus.  So while there is public transit, it isn’t the most convenient of locations.


If I had not been with 3 other women I would have felt uncomfortable when we arrived. It has a more laid back hostel feel to it rather than a hotel or pension.  This isn’t a turn-off, but might be a consideration for a solo female traveler.


Bottom Line – Siddiqi Pension Munich:

If you want something basic and cheap on the outskirts of Munich then this might be it; just don’t expect too much. If I was a solo female traveler I would look elsewhere.  Also if I did not have an auto I would look into some place with easier access to public transit.

Siddiqi Pension Munich on

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**All Opinions Are My Own. I was not sponsored or compensated in any way for this review. **

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