Stocking Stuffers For Travel Lovers

Stocking Stuffers For Travel Lovers

Stocking Stuffers For Travel Lovers

Tis’ the season to be on the lookout for the perfect gifts for that someone special. For me, there is always something magical about opening my stocking, this excitement that was different from the gifts under the tree. Here are some of my top stocking stuffer ideas for the travel lover; proving that great things do come in small packages.


Lush Solid Shampoo Bar-

Lush Solid Shampoo Bars













If you follow Passport Perfection on Instagram then no doubt you saw my long winded pic about how much I freaking love this product. I was SO skeptical to try it because I am SO particular about my shampoo but I am so glad did. Now I am hooked; for life! Seriously the most practical and amazing invention. You wet your hair, then run the solid shampoo bar all over your head until it creates a lather, suds and scrub your locks per usual, and rinse. This tiny invention is a must have for packing light and liquidless. Buy one as a gift, and 3 for yourself. Don’t forget to also buy the travel tin to keep it in.

Cost: $10.95-11.95 for bar   $3.95 for shampoo bar tin on the Lush USA Website


Blowpro Faux Dry Shampoo-











Any seasoned traveler knows that it is impossible and not always practical to wash your hair every day. So how do you keep it looking fab between washes? With Blow Pro Dry Shampoo. I have a greasy scalp and have tried many different dry shampoos and this is the best hands down. It is non-aerosol, non-liquid, and the bottle helps push the right puff of dry shampoo out every time. I love it so much I spent 4 hours trying to track it down in Germany with no luck.

Cost: $20.00 on Amazon


Smart Wool Socks-













What is a stocking without a pair of socks, right? Smart wool socks are perfect for protecting your tired tootsies after hours of being out and about. They are a little spendy as far as socks go, average of $15/pair, but your toes will thank you later.

Cost: $9.99 to $19.99 on Amazon depending on color


Humangear Go Tubs 3-Pack-













Love these travel containers from Humangear and they make the perfect stocking stuffer. I use them especially for my foundation when I travel. Instead of taking the whole bottle of foundation to every single destination I pump it into one of these and into my 3-2-1 bag it goes. They do not leak.

Cost: $7.99 on Amazon


Ebags Packing Cubes-













I won’t pack without these. For years I scoffed at the idea of using packing cubes but when I finally broke down and bought some I realized why so many people rave about them. They really help to manage keeping your suitcase or backpack organized when you are constantly in and out of it. No more digging around for a pair of underwear when you use packing cubes.

Cost: $23.99 for 3-piece set on Amazon













Every traveler needs a good pair of headphones. Whether it is to drown out the in-flight noise or help you drift off to la la land in your hostel, headphones are essential. I prefer to travel with earbuds because they are tiny and take up so little space. If you want to splurge for the Bose in-ear noise canceling earbuds. For those looking for something more mid-range but still, great the Monster earbuds work well for me. These make great stocking stuffers because it is such a practical gift that anyone would be excited about but that they wouldn’t necessarily splurge on themselves.

Cost: Bose Quietcomfort $249.00 on Amazon


I pod-

Ipod nano












Of course, everyone on the face of the planet needs an Ipod, just ask Apple. Seriously though I always take my iPod with me. Besides the usual, I always need it to listen to my favorite tunes in rental cars. I also love the fact that if you order them directly from Apple you can have them engraved. Pick a cool travel quote and it makes the perfect gift.

Cost: Apple iPod Nano $149.00 on Apple website


Flight 001 Eyemask-













Even though I am the worst at sleeping while flying not all eye masks are created equal. Because of their more molded shape, these Flight 001 Eyemasks make it possible for me at least pretend to catch some shut eye.

Cost: $12.60 on Amazon


Amazon Basics Universal Travel Case for Small Electronics-

amazon basics case












Love this. This is another travel organization must. This little case helps keep all your cables and small accessories like an iPod, power bank, etc. organized. It is nice to have everything in one nice, neat, compact place. It helps me not leave anything behind because I know what all should be in my case.

Cost: $10.49 on Amazon


Passport Holder-

Passport Holder














I love giving passport holders as gifts because it is the quintessential travel item that really shows off someone’s personality. There are so many different ones to choose from but as gifts, I like to splurge on these a bit and pick brand name ones that someone might not necessarily be able to buy for themselves. Some of my favorites are Eccolo, Lewis & Clark, and Kate Spade.

Cost: $12.99 to $66.00 on Amazon
Power Bank-

power bank












A power bank is one practical gift. A must have for travelers to keep their device charged. I am guilty of not having one of these for many, many trips and I would always rely on my friend to loan me hers. Finally, I broke down and bought my own; I am so glad I did and I am sure my friend is too. These power banks come in so handy when you are out and about and your cell phone is dying. Never again will you have to limit your iPhone photo taking because of your low battery. The EasyAcc Monster 26000mAH has 4 usb ports allowing you to charge 4 devices at a time.

Cost: $49.99 for Easyacc Monster 26000mAh Powerbank on Amazon


Samsonite Grounded Travel Adapter

Travel Adapter












It might not be the most exciting stocking stuffer but it could be the most practical. If your travel overseas a travel adapter is a must have.  I love my Samsonite one because it is not too big or bulky but works for multiple countries. I usually travel with two at all times.

Cost: $10.00 each on Amazon






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