Luggage and Travel Bag Recommendations

Luggage and Travel Bag Recommendations

Luggage and Travel Bag Recommendations

We all have our addictions and for me that is an addiction to luggage and travel bags. There are so many choices out there that it is overwhelming. A good bag or piece of luggage should be functional,durable, lightweight, and affordable.  Here are some of my top travel bag recommendations to help you sort thru all the choices out there.

Disclosure:  Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase.  Please understand that I have experience with these products, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.


1. Traveler’s Choice Merced 27-inch Spinner Suitcase

This bag is relatively cheap in comparison to other lightweight suitcases out there and I’m all about that.  I find this particular suitcase very practical and one I turn to often to use. 

Since I am a total overpacker having a lightweight suitcase is a must so I can pack as much stuff in there as possible.  You probably won’t even hit the 50 lb. limit using this suitcase unless you are packing bricks in this.  I usually weigh in right around 45 lbs. when it’s packed full of clothes, shoes, etc.

This bag has been on many trips, received a lot of punishment (I am so not gentle with my luggage) and it has held up nicely.  Considering the price on this suitcase and the value you get, this is a winner.

Check it out on Amazon.


2.  Longchamp ‘Large Le Pliage’ Tote

One of the things I love about this bag is that it folds down into nothing for packing.  Watch some YouTube videos on how to fold it and see.  I usually pack this into my carry-on and then use it as my go to bag at my destination.

Also, this bag is stylish and on-trend.  Longchamp is a recognized brand in Europe and you will see many woman carrying it.  If you want to pick up a new bag while traveling Longchamp’s sold at all major department stores in Europe, as well as in the Duty Free shops in the airports.  Also, check the outlet malls to find a Longchamp outlet where you can find great deals on different styles.  You can often get a good price on discontinued colors on Amazon too.

Be warned, just because you can load it up doesn’t mean you should.  After a few hours of carrying it packed full your shoulder will all but fall off.  So choose wisely.  Other alternatives for this bag include the mini, small, or medium version.

Check it out on Nordstrom.


3.  Lo & Sons OG Bag

I don’t actually own this bag but I have to include it because I have my eye on it and it always seems to come up as a favorite of other bloggers. T here are some really good blog reviews written about this bag and the Lo & Sons website does a great job of advertising it.  They have fantastic photos and I LOVE their videos of what fits in it.

The Lo & Sons OG bag is undeniably stylish and so darn practical.  This is really one sexy bag and will be my next personal splurge.  I love the shoe compartment and the fact that it has a back panel sleeve that goes over your carry-on handle.  The OG Bag is a winner in my book because it looks sleek and sophisticated yet is functional.  A proper review of this bag is to come.


4.  eBags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible


I really have a love-hate relationship with the Ebags TLS Mother Lode Weekender Convertible.  I love it because OMG it is amazing and I hate it because if I am not careful I pack the thing so full I can’t even carry it.

This is another bag you really should watch the tutorial video on Ebags for because it will really give you the full scope on how awesome this bag is.  It has so many compartments (more on that below). 

The designers really put a lot of thought into making it practical and functional.  The TLS Mother Lode Weekender can be used a backpack (I have backpacked Poland with this bag), as a carry-on bag (it meets the carry-on restrictions of most airlines when not expanded), or as a checked-bag.

This bag is deceptively large and holds SO much.  Just make sure that if you are using it as a backpacking bag that you can easily carry it from place to place. One of the main things I love about this bag is the many compartments that it has without wasting any space.  Every compartment is so functional and allows you to really separate out you different items without compromising the overall usefulness of the bag.

You can buy this bag on Amazon which often has great deals and color selections.

Check it out on Amazon.


5.  Longchamp ‘Le Pliage’ Expandable Travel Bag (21 Inch)


Another Longchamp bag…yes!  This one is a little different from the Le Pliage Tote.  It is more made for travel but it has the same sort of La Pliage design where as it is a bag with an open space.  I love this bag as an overnight bag or even as a personal item bag as long as you don’t use it expanded.  When unzipped and expanded the dimensions are larger than allowable for a personal item.

Another great thing about any of the Le Pliage bags is they have a water-resistant lining.  This is great because it helps keep the bag looking clean and fresh longer.  If you spill something in it you can easily wipe it out unlike a canvas or leather bag.  Even though it’s made of nylon it looks nice with the leather trim and the gold or silver color hardware depending on what bag color you choose.

The Longchamp Le Plaige Expandable Travel Bag looks good paired with your Le Pliage tote.  I feel so sophisticated carrying them both like a perfect matching set.  I like to take this bag on a weekend or short trip as my carry-on and the tote as my personal item.

Check it out on Nordstrom.


6.  eBags Packing Cubes

No this isn’t a bag but I can’t mention these fantastic bags without mentioning the packing cubes.  YOU NEED THESE PACKING CUBES.  At first, I didn’t get the concept of them or see the need for them; I guess I just didn’t get it.  I purchased them on a whim and now I can’t pack without them.  Now I recommend them to everyone and buy them as gifts for friends who travel because they are that amazing.

These packing cubes help so much with organization.  They help separate out your clothes in a large suitcase and help compact items into smaller suitcases. 

For me, I love them because I put specific items in each cube.  One for underwear, one for shirts, one for bottoms and when I want to pull out a tank top I just remove the corresponding cube.  It helps you be able to grab and item out of your suitcase without having to remove everything searching for one item and then constantly having to repack you bag.

There are many brands of packing cubes out there but I always come back to the Ebags brand.  Mainly because they are affordable and I like the dimensions of them better than other brands I have tried.

Check them out on Amazon.


7.  IT Luggage Megalite Carry-On

I really love all the IT luggage line.  You will not find a lighter line of luggage than the IT luggage; I have looked many times.  If you are someone who’s concerned about going over the airline weight limits then you should give IT Luggage a try.

Because it is so light-weight I never worry about weight limits with any of their bags, ever.  I really don’t think you could even pack enough stuff in them to make them overweight.

One thing is that you have to know what you are getting into with these bags.  They are very simple, basic suitcases.  There isn’t a lot of different fancy compartments it just is what it is.  When I first bought this suitcase I was worried how it would hold up to the baggage handlers and abuse that luggage takes because it is so light weight and seems like it wouldn’t be that durable but it is.

I have traveled with this bag many times overseas and I love it.  However, it does show wear relatively fast.  Not only did it get dirty but also the seams have frayed a bit but it is still functional.  The other thing to realize about this bag is the handle is a lot wider than a typical suitcase handle.  This doesn’t make a difference rolling it around but if you are trying to use a bag like the Lo & Sons that slips over than handle that is not going to work with this suitcase.

Check it out on Amazon.


8.  Pacsafe Citysafe CS100 Travel Bag

Pacsafe Citysafe CS100 Travel Bag
Last but not least, is the PacSafe CitySafe Travel Bag.  I love this travel bag so much because of all the safety features.  I never feel like I have to be on guard with my purse or worry when I am using this.

There are so many features this purse has, again there are some great videos on this.  I always have peace of mind and sense of security when using this purse. I don’t have to think about my money, passport, etc.  It has an RFID pocket, it is slash proof, and all the zippers lock so you can’t be pick-pocketed. 

It is just an amazing purse.  If you are looking for an alternative to having wear a money belt, because who wants to really wear a money belt, check out this purse instead.

As an example I typically use my Longchamp La Plaige tote in Germany and my Pacsafe Citysafe Travel Bag in Italy.  No I am not saying bad things about Italy and I’m not saying you won’t be pick-pocketed in Germany. However,  I usually default to my Pacsafe travel bag when I know I am in a higher risk area.  I just don’t want to have to deal with the stress of thinking about my belongings.

Check it out on Amazon.


Need more packing recommendations? Check out our post Travel Essentials For A Chronic Overpacker.

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