Willa Labelle Hotel Review Zakopane, Poland

Willa Labelle Hotel Review Zakopane, Poland

Willa Labelle Hotel Review Zakopane, Poland

We found the Willa Labelle when researching destinations in Poland, Zakopane was definitely on our list.  With buses running every hour from Krakow, and at an affordable price 5 euros, I knew we had to visit.

I booked hotel Willa Labelle on booking.com.  It seemed like a nice, mid-range, hotel and in a fantastic location right on Krupówki street which is the main tourist street. Other hotels in a similar location where much more expensive.  Since Poland is such a cheap place to visit overall, I thought to spend $100 plus dollars a night at other more well-known hotels really defeated the purpose and spirit of traveling cheaply in Poland.

My traveling partner and I opted to take a taxi from the bus terminal to the hotel.  We were so annoyed and agitated from the Polski bus fiasco that we didn’t want to add any more annoyance to the start of our Zakopane adventure by fumbling thru our directions to the hotel on foot, and besides the taxi was a super cheap option.  Turns out, the hotel is relatively close to the bus station, about a 10-minute walk.

When we arrived the outside of the hotel looked inviting enough.  There is a small reception area that is only staffed from 10:00am to 4:00pm.  Any arrival outside that time needs to be pre-arranged with Willa Labelle directly.  The front desk woman was very kind.  She offered us refreshments as we waited to be checked-in.

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Willa Label Zakopane


We got our key and headed off to our room.  One thing to know is that the Willa Labelle has no elevator.  This might be a consideration for people who require one.

The room itself is very spacious, especially for European standards.  The bed was extremely comfortable and we had a nice balcony that looked out to the front of the hotel and beyond to Krupowki street. I have absolutely no complaints about the room itself.  It was clean, comfortable, and booked at a fantastic price.  I believe we paid about $50.00 dollars a night.

The hotel does have a breakfast buffet which was included in the price of the room.  This was your average European breakfast buffet.  Thing meats, cheeses, veggie’s, cereal.  The breakfast room is rather small so if the hotel was full I could see that seating would maybe be a problem.  However, when we stayed there the hotel seemed rather empty and we didn’t usually run into other hotel guests.  The breakfast buffet does have an attendant who replenishes items as needed.


Willa Label Zakopane


Willa Label Zakopane

Willa Labelle is in a fabulous location right on Krupówki street. Krupówki street is the main pedestrian tourist street going thru Zakopane.  This street is where you will find all your shops, restaurants, and other touristy attractions.  The hotel is set back from the street.  This allows room for a small parking lot in the front.  We didn’t have a car so I am not sure if you need to reserve parking but parking was free.

The main con is that, while the location is ideal, there is a strip club located in the same building.  Ok, yes, I know what you are thinking but hear me out on this one.  If I had not read other reviews about there being a strip-club attached to the hotel I don’t think I necessarily would have even noticed.  It has a very small entrance on the far side of the hotel and there was not a lot of traffic in and out but alas it is there.  So make of it what you will.  If this is the type of thing that would bother you then I would look elsewhere for accommodations.

The other thing to point out, as I mentioned before, is that the reception desk is only staffed for a very short window during the day.  This means that if you were to need assistance outside of these hours it would be hard to come by.  There is a telephone number they give you to call.  However,  if you have no cell phone that might be a challenge.

The fact that the there is no reception, and the hotel was rather empty, left us with this, sort of, abandoned feeling.  One night all the power suddenly shut off as if a fuse had blown.  THANKFULLY I was traveling with an electrical engineer who knew how to navigate a fuse box or I would have been terrified alone in the dark with no one to call.  This incident did make for a hilarious personal Facebook post though:


Shelly Smith
June 17, 2015 ·

Soo laying in bed in our hotel room in Poland. I get up to go to the bathroom and go to turn the bathroom light on and pop, a bright flash, and all the lights in our room go out. So here I am standing in a pitch black hotel room in the middle of nowhere, no other guests on our floor, with no one to help and I start to panic.

Then Chris Fritz jumps out of bed, in her Manuel Neuer Jersey and underwear, while I am standing there having a breakdown and says “f*ck this sh*t” throws open the door, stomps into the hallway (in her underwear mind you), finds the fuse box and the first switch she flips turns all our lights back on. She slams the fuse box closed and stomps back in the room problem solved. Meanwhile, I am still standing there like wtf just happened?


Even with that, I would recommend Willa Labelle if you are looking for an affordable and clean accommodation right in the heart of the Krupówki street.

Bottom Line: This is a great hotel, in a prime spot, for a fantastic price which includes breakfast, free parking, and wi-fi.

Check here for current prices.


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